GO Forces Program

We Support Our American Armed Forces

GO Forces is a program designed to feed the freedoms of our military, veterans, law enforcement, fire, emergency services, and seniors—those who have given so much to our country.

To show our appreciation for the protection, freedoms, and hard-earned wisdom these individuals unselfishly provide us, the GO Forces program is a small but heartfelt way to say thank you and offers the following benefits:

  • Waived, no-cost wholesale membership fee (regularly $29.95 per year)
  • Special shopping days for GO Forces members
  • Additional discounts and gifts with purchase using specific coupon codes

We warmly extend GO Forces membership to the following recipients:

  • Members of the uniformed services and adult dependents (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy; active duty and both active and inactive reserve and National Guard)
  • Retired members of the uniformed services and adult dependents (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy)
  • Foreign exchange service members on permanent duty with the Department of Defense
  • Civilian employees of the Department of Defense (appropriated, non-appropriated, or retired) and adult dependents
  • American Red Cross personnel serving overseas with the U.S. military
  • Department of Defense dependent schoolteachers and adult dependents
  • Disabled American veterans
  • All active and retired law enforcement, fire, and emergency service personnel
  • All seniors qualify by being 65 years young

Eligibility is simple: when enrolling as a member, simply provide your basic eligibility information where requested on the GO Forces sign-up form. After your no-cost enrollment is complete, we will do the rest to say thank you for your contribution to our freedoms. We honor you—and we fully embrace the honor system by letting you govern your qualification and eligibility in this wonderful program.

We truly believe you need and deserve our extra special attention and help in these challenging times. If you have questions about enrollment, get back with the person who cared enough about you to share this noble mission and well-deserved benefit.

We continue to give back through our GOFoods Foundation initiative by donating one package of food, or its equivalent in servings, for every ten purchased to your local community. This program and mission are very personal to us at GOFoods because we have so many of our associates, family, friends and neighbors who have served our freedoms and way of life for generations.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to serving our freedoms and elevating our way of life, and for joining our mission to feed and prosper families everywhere. We are delighted to help feed your personal freedoms through serving, saving, and sharing GOFoods—and the GOForces Program is our small way of feeding and prospering you!

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Download the GO Forces PDF Brochure